We understand that time is money.

At Asset Discovery Corporation, we aim to save you both.

It's more than collecting what you are owed - it's about growing your business. 

Change in life is inevitable - as is the fact that customers and businesses alike will struggle to pay debt on time due to certain circumstances. However, as a business it is important to recover unpaid debts in even the most difficult of circumstances. Managing this difficulty is our business. We are the professionals to approach these difficult situations with respect and excellence in a white-glove approach with our customers.


Using our foundational principles of integrity and trust, Asset Discovery Corporation works with clients to recover and settle debts so you can get back to focusing on what matters.

Whether you're looking to support your bottom line and increase your cash flow, save your in-house time and resources, or sustain your relationships with clients - Asset Discovery Corporation plugs in as an extension of your team to deliver excellent service and outstanding results. 

Industry-Leading Payment and Management Tools

  • 24-hour, all-year convenient payment collection online

  • Complete reporting based on your requirements

  • Ability to view, manage, and audit your accounts anytime, anywhere online

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Law Books

In-House Legal Expertise and Compliance Standards

  • Supportive in-house legal expertise for client cases 

  • Knowledgeable staff with experience in industry standards 

  • Maintenance of PCI compliance standards

Full-Service Recovery Solutions for Public and Private Industries


Specializing in collections of debts from one business to another. 


Working with clients to stay ahead of the quick modernization of medical accounts and collections.


Tenant leave owing you money? Experiencing damage to your property?


Educational collections are tough, but luckily we have the experience to work with your students in an ethical and sensitive approach to secure a payment solution.

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